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Furnace and Air Conditioning Repairs

Our main goal, on any call, is to provide the most affordable option to our clients.
Most of the time this means that we will do some repairs to make the unit work again.

Sometimes these repairs are very simple and easy to do, and other times may be more complex and take longer. Our technicians are trained to complete a repair as quickly as possible. What may take some other companies several hours to complete, we can usually do in under an hour. That means less labor costs for you! We know how costly some repairs can be, and are happy to explore the option of upgrading units as well as creating payment plans for those that just don’t have the money lying around to pay all at once. We also guarantee our work and customer satisfaction on all our repairs and maintenance.

Furnace and Air Conditioning Maintenance

It’s really important to have routine maintenance performed on all heating and air conditioning units. Our company is glad to schedule these for you to ensure that your air conditioner will continue to keep you cool in the summer, and that your heater will keep you toasty warm all winter long.
Routine maintenance doesn’t take long for us to do, but can be an important and very cost effective step into maintaining a comfortable household. A simple check a couple times a year could help find potential issues and repair them before they become something more damaging and more expensive to fix. It’s best to schedule these in early spring, right before you need to start using your air conditioner, and in early fall, or before you generally need to use the heater in your house. We also recommend that our clients run each of these units periodically between scheduled maintenance and use so that you as the client can check and see if it’s running properly.

Furnace and Air Conditioning New Sales and Installs

Sometimes it is necessary to have a new heater or air conditioning unit installed. It can either be because the older unit is no longer functioning properly, or that it just isn’t cost effective to keep running and older model with so many different energy efficient ones on the market.
What may seem like an expensive initial cost is actually far more affordable in the long run. No matter the reason for the new air conditioner or heater, we here at Kats heating are happy to be the ones to help you choose the best unit for your needs, and can remove the old and install the new for you as well. Older homes tend to have older units, which generally lack the efficiency to heat a home cost effectively. Newer models, especially those that have EnergyStar, can heat a home in about half the cost of older models, and can even cost less than you would think to have installed.

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