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Air Conditioning Replacement in Hinsdale, IL

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While most of us look forward to long summer days and outdoor activities with family and friends, no one wants to sweat when they’re inside their home. Instead, we want our home to be a cool and comfortable sanctuary, no matter how high the outside temperature climbs.

When you schedule air conditioning service with Kats Heating & Cooling and our experienced and highly qualified AC technicians, that’s exactly what you’ll get … indoor comfort all summer long!

Air Conditioning Warning Signs

Properly maintained and serviced, your central air conditioning system should last at least 10-15 years and possibly longer. Like any piece of equipment, however, it will eventually start showing its age and need replacement.

Here are a few signs indicating it may be time to call Kats for AC replacement.

  • No cool air – When your unit comes on, cool air should start flowing very shortly, within 30 seconds or so. If that doesn’t happen, it may be due to a problem that can be fixed, like replacing an old dirty filter. Or it may be an indication that your unit is on its last legs.
  • Frequent breakdowns and expensive repairs – If despite your efforts to prevent problems, your unit is repeatedly breaking down, forcing you to spend a lot of your hard-earned dollars on repairs, it’s probably time to think seriously about replacement.
  • Strange sounds – When your unit’s operating properly, the only sound coming from it should be a soft background murmur. But if it’s making all sorts of strange noises – like chattering, squeaking, or  grinding – it’s probably telling you its best days are behind it.
  • Strange odors – Your AC unit should be emitting nothing but clean, cool air. If it’s producing strange odors – like a burning or smokey smell – that’s a sure sign of serious trouble somewhere in your unit.
  • Rising utility bills – If you haven’t changed your summer temperature settings but your utility bills keep climbing, that’s a pretty good indicator that your old unit is struggling to keep you comfortable, and it’s probably time to think of a replacement.

Hinsdale Air Conditioning Replacement

If you’re dealing with any of these issues or some combination of them, it’s time to call Kats Heating & Cooling for the very best AC installation and replacement in the Hinsdale area.

In addition to our excellent installation services, when you call on Kats Heating & Cooling you’ll get

  • An air conditioning unit that’s right for you – The AC experts from Kats will work with you and give you various cooling options to help you choose the unit that best meets your cooling needs while also fitting your family budget.
  • Lower energy costs through a higher SEER rating – As part of helping you find the AC unit that’s best for you, our technicians will explain the energy savings possible through a higher SEER rating.We don’t want to get too technical with you, but if you’re not already familiar with it, SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. In short, the higher the SEER rating, the more efficient the unit and the lower your energy costs should be.For example, a unit with a SEER rating of 14 would probably reduce your energy costs by about 7%. In contrast, a SEER rating of 18 would reduce your energy costs by about 28%, significant savings, to be sure!

    Again, our cooling experts will work with you to find a superb Bryant unit with a higher SEER rating, saving your energy costs, while also accommodating your family budget.

    Air Conditioning Replacement Near Hinsdale, IL

  • Outstanding warranties – We’ll also help you find a Bryant unit that has a great warranty that will give you peace of mind for years to come.
  • Finance options through Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. – At Kats Heating & Cooling we never want dollars to stand in the way of your family’s comfort. Through Wells Fargo we can offer finance options that feature convenient monthly payments, flexible financing options, and easy online account management.

Other AC Services from Kats Heating & Cooling

In addition to the very best AC installation services available in the Hinsdale area, we also offer maintenance and repair services as well. In fact, before the first blast of summer arrives, we strongly advise that you schedule a maintenance inspection and tune-up with Kats.

Our technicians will thoroughly examine the major components of your system to make sure they’re in good running order and recommend any minor repairs that need to be made. It’s better to catch and correct AC problems early on before they become major issues in the near future.

Kats Heating & Cooling for Complete AC Service in Hinsdale

Whatever your AC needs may be – maintenance, repair, and installation services – we can handle it for you at Kats Heating & Cooling with the best cooling services in Hinsdale, IL.

At the first sign of any AC problem, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll be right over to assist you.

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